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Showcase Plastics, a division of Quadratic Industries LLC, produces

top-quality acrylic products that are engineered to last foryears.

With 25 years of fabrication experience and a nationwide customer base,

Showcase Plastics can provide your company with a variety of premium acrylic goods

With our CNC engraving capability, we can customize our products with your message or logo!

All acrylicproducts aremade with great pride in the USA !

Our featured line of acrylic products include lighted signs, lighted retail displays and tradeshow displays.

We feature the latest Patent-Pending technology with customization options that allow us

to create spectacularand functional displays for your business or trade show!

Our products have been proven to be one of the most effective and

economical ways to get your business noticed at any event!

We also manufacture a wide variety of products made of

Lucite, Plexiglas and Optix brand acrylics.

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Our other product lines include:

Acrylic Display Cases

POP Displays

Engraved Gift Items

Lecterns and Book Displays

Personalized Acrylic Golf Displays and Gifts


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